e-Farm (October 2014- January 2015)

As an e-farm associate, Mohammed Naeem Patel was responsible for creating a unique concept which was an organic food only website for farmers. The goal was to allow all the local farmers to use the team’s website as a local platform. This was no ordinary website, it made organic food shopping simple as customers were able to chose products from a specific farmer and have their produce delivered at their convenience.

Dulces Aspe (October 2013 – April 2014)image

Mohammed Naeem Patel was a team member of Dulces Aspe, He was given  a task by a client and was required to redesign their biscuit package. This redesign would have a Christmas theme to all of their biscuit packages and would be used for Christmas 2015. Mohammed Naeem Patel used a few documents via Microsoft Office and Adobe to redesign the new package as well as  designing an appropriate leaflet to promote the business itself at an expo.

Enterprise Rent a Car (February 2014 – May2014)


During these few months as an associate, Mohammed Naeem Patel and his team  were responsible to create a business proposal as well as a strategy for the company enterprise rent a car on how they could  implement a national training programme for 4,500 of their employees as a way of enhancing their personal skills. Mohammed Naeem Patel and his team were given a budget and a deadline so his management skills were vital as part of the project. At the end Mohammed Naeem Patel and his team had to present their findings and their unique plan to an enterprise member which he took on board as part of his initial findings.