The Changing Nature Of Sports

‘In the twentieth century, the entire face of sports changed drastically with the advent of new technologies. Today advertisements for new types of running shoes, golf clubs, tennis rackets, and hundreds of other sports accessories bombard us. The level of scientific research into something as simple as a golf ball can be mind-boggling. With new materials and computer engineering, improvements are being made on sporting equipment faster than marketers can publicize them’. ‘Electronic timing systems measure results more accurately.’ (Ruby non-fiction)

Geoff Thompson ‘Sports Technology’ Nelson Thornes, 2001 Page (32)

‘One of the most significant introductions to technology in sport over recent years was during the London 2012 Olympics last summer. The Olympics is the world’s largest sporting event and requires state of the art technology to ensure that accurate readings are taken in each event and all athletes are provided with the ability to perform at their very best’.

In relation to the above quote, it is evident that from the twentieth century, technology has changed the way sports are now being played, this ranges from the gear sportsmen and women wear to the actual sport on the field. As of the huge sporting event held in London for the Olympics 2012, it was vital to ensure fair play was offered to the team and players and this is the reason technology is always on the up rise to aid major sporting events.

Mohammednaeem Patel

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